Full application for "high-tech enterprises"

In this year's year, the company has made every effort to apply for "high-tech enterprises". High-tech enterprises refer to enterprises that support the transformation of research and development and technological achievements within the "State-supported high-tech fields" and form a core of enterprises, and on this basis carry out business activities. It is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entity. The application for recognition of high-tech enterprises has strict conditions. This project has a positive impact on our visibility and credibility, so that the company has more opportunities and opportunities in the development process. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the principle of "improving and ensuring quality", paying attention to customer needs, taking science and technology innovation as the first priority, and quality as the leading ideology of the company's lifeline, and adhering to "continuous improvement, hard innovation, and efficient service." The service community's quality policy is to provide customers with satisfactory services.

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